Namida Wyrmsong

Atherologist | Botanist | Alchemist

She looks a little unamused and a touch exhausted, but Namida greets you with a smile nonetheless.



Name: Namida Wyrmsong, "Nami"
Age: 27 winters
Pronouns: She/Her
Orientation: Pansexual
Alignment: Chaotic good
Nationality: Ishgardian
Profession: Employee of Secret Star Postal Services, ecological conservationist, aether researcher

Physical Description

> A warm smile and a friendly face, sharp emerald eyes, sharp wit, and a posture full of poise, Namida knows how to turn on the charm. A formally aloof and icy Elezen seems to have melted in her time away from the chill of Ishgard.

> Namida stands on the short side when it comes to Elezen-only coming to about six feet even-but she holds herself with all the poise of any self respecting noble. When Namida walks into the room, people tend to notice.

> A pair of half-gloves often offsets her elegant attire. slightly visible on her fingers, burn scars run across the palms of her hands. She seems ashamed of them, and tries to position her hands as to draw attention away from prying eyes.


Rumors and Hooks

OOC Disclaimer: Please message me if you're looking for more than just passing interactions. I'd like to work out interactions that will fit for both of our characters! As such, I don't have any specific "hooks" listed. DM/Tell me if you would like to RP!

> Namida grew up an orphan in the Brume. If you did as well, there is a good chance she remembers you!

> Ishgardian noble/high-born? You have heard generally unsavory rumors about her regarding those she associates with, including rumors that she may not even be high-born.

> Namida ran a small apothecary in her time in Ishgard, selling anything from poultices to under the table poisons.

> For those sensitive to Aetheric signatures, it's likely you are able notice that her Aether is tainted/corrupted. It is patched over in some places, but a 'wound' of sorts is largely present.

> Are you some sort of scholar or researcher? Namida is an alchemist, and is always looking for new and exciting research opportunities.

> Namida's current projects include general surveys of the environment in areas impacted heavily by the calamity and the conservation of endangered plantlife.

OOC Info

Nami | 26 | They/Them

My home server is Mateus (Crystal DC) but I do hop around to other servers for events! I run on PST, and I'm usually active in game on the evenings most days. Roleplay is what I do in this game, so lets tell some stories together!

Roleplay Preferences

> Please be 18+. I'm an adult, and I would like to RP with other adults. No minors.

> While Namida can be flirty at times, and it's alright to be flirty back, I'm not looking for an erp partner. Please respect this boundary!

> Post length can vary, I do anything from simple /s RP to multi-para! I enjoy both and will tend to adapt!

> I prefer RP in game, but over discord is fine in some cases!

Content Prefrences

"Aw ye, that's the good stuff...":

> Fluff
> Angst/dark
> Action
> Comedy+Shenanigans
> Tavern RP

"Mmm, no, I don't think so.":

> Overtly graphic violence or assault. I get it, you're edgy.
> Meta-gaming. Information provided in this carrd are to give you a good idea of what Namida is about. Unless we discuss it beforehand, our characters are strangers to one another.
> Permanent harm/serious injury to either one of our characters.
> ERP. I don't mind it, you do you. I'm not looking for that currently with this character!
> Homophobia, transphobia, hate speech, slurs, racism etc. are not tolerated.

With all of that said, I'm a very flexible and chill person! Let me know what your preferences are and I'm more than happy to meet you where you're at! Chances are, I'm down to roleplay and collaborate!

Contacts and relationships

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Castle Stoneforge

Childhood friends that were separated many years ago, a chance encounter in The Firmament led Castle and Namida to be reunited! Though he doesn't seem to remember his time in the Brume with Namida as clearly as she does, they have repaired the friendship, and fallen in love with one another. Now they travel Eorzea together, looking for work and trying to help those that need it.

Cordelia Harper

A fellow member of Secret Star, Cordelia has shown herself to be reliable, kind, and tenacious. Were it to come down to the wire defending a caravan on the trail, Namida knows that Cordelia would be able to lead them through.

Catherina Renard

A fast friendship was formed between Catherina and Namida over a pleasant cup of tea, and as time passes it becomes clear that they have more in common than Namida initially thought. Namida isn't sure what it is that draws her to Catherina so, but she is sure that their friendship will bring about great things.

Vellace Deran

Working together at Secret Star has formed an unlikely friendship between Namida and Vellace. Though this Highlander from the north may be rough around the edges a bit callous at times, it is clear that she cares fiercely and deeply for the people around her.